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BS5839 sets out the guide lines for Fire detection and Fire alarm systems in buildings.  Fire alarms are installed in buildings for the purpose of:


A, protection of life

B, protection of the building

C, protection against business interruption

D, protection of the environment


All existing dwellings below 4 storeys and under 200m2 per floor should be provided with a fire detection and fire alarm system in accordance with the relevant recommendations of BS 5839-6:2004 to at least a Grade D category LD3 standard.


Grade D protection is essentially an interlinked alarm system with mains supply and battery back up.  If the smoke alarms are interlinked it means that when one is activated all alarms will become active, therefore giving you an earlier signal and more time to prepare.


LD3 standard is a system incorporating detectors in all circulation spaces that form part of the escape routes from the dwelling.


If you have had an extension built in the loft space then it is highly recommended that you install additional interlinked alarms to warn any persons in this area at any stage of the day.


For more information regarding your property or on larger houses or new build please feel free to contact us and we can advise with the design and install of the fire/smoke detection system.  We will upon completion issue an installation certificate with the project.  



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