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Services | RCD Board Install

Fuse board install, test and inspection, EICR, in Kingston and Surbiton

17th Edition regulations make strong recommendations that all domestic dwellings should have a Residual Current Device (RCD) installed in their fuse boards.  The RCD offers extra protection in the occurrence of a fault or shock.  Most circuits in your house according to BS761 will now require the additional protection of the RCD. We highly recommend you consider installing an RCD or/and RCBOs into your board.  The RCD can be split to protect separate sides of the board where as the RCBO is used to protect individual circuits.  

The RCD will effectively switch the power off to the circuit within 0.03 seconds, therefore significantly reducing damage or injury.   It will also detect any faults that you may already have in the existing wiring system or appliances that you did not know about and need to get repaired.


We can add RCDs to your board when possible or simply replace your board with a new one carrying the RCDs.  The typical charge for board replacement, which includes earth and supply tails upgrade, is approximately £500.  We can also install a self-contained emergency light above the fuse board, the perfect location for it when you have a fuse or the RCD trip, so you always have light to see which switch needs putting back on.

Please feel free to contact us for advice or simply to arrange a meeting for a free quote on any size job within a domestic or commercial building.

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